King Lear(English, Paperback, Shakespeare William)

King Lear(English, Paperback, Shakespeare William)

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Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: WW Norton & Co

Genre: Drama

ISBN: 9780393926644, 9780393926644

Pages: 296


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Book Details

Imprint WW Norton & Co


Width 18 mm
Height 216 mm
Length 130 mm
Weight 255 gr

Price ₹1264 "Sources" helps readers navigate King Lear's rich history and includes the nine essential primary sources from which Shakespeare borrowed significantly in creating his play, along with two additional likely sources. "Criticism"provides thirteen major critical interpretations and three provocative adaptations and responses to King Lear. Critical interpretation is provided by Samuel Johnson, Charles Lamb, Peter Brook, Michael Warren, Lynda E. Boose, Janet Adelman, and R. A. Foakes, among others. The adaptations and responses are by Nahum Tate, John Keats, and Edward Bond. A Selected Bibliography is also included.

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